Maverick Moms Threaten Families

From: Mike McCormick, the Executive Director of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children – the world’s largest shared parenting organization. Their website is

“Several major branches of the National Organixation for Women, including New York and Michigan, have recently issued Action Alerts against Shared Parenting bills. These Alerts rallied NOW’s supporters against moderate legislative attempts to help dads remain a part of their children’s lives after divorce or separation. NOW’s playbook is simple – portray divorced dads as a threat to their children’s well-being.

In this there is great irony – according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services new report, Child Maltreatment 2004, when one parent is acting without the involvement of the other parent, mothers are almost three times as likely to kill their children as fathers are, and are more than twice as likely to abuse them. Nevertheless, in both New York and Michigan NOW’s scare tactics succeeded.

The media’s fascination with cutting down dads is another part of the problem. For example, last fall former Stanford University gender scholar Peggy Drexler was acclaimed in many circles for her highly-publicized book Raising Boys Without Men: How Maverick Moms Are Creating the Next Generation of Exceptional Men. Drexler asserts that father-absent homes are often the best environments for boys.”