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Women live six years longer than men, but that isn’t enough,

For gender fems without fail,
Are out to get the male!
And with spin and lies
They data-rape the guys.

Its the big rebuff! God damn lies are spread to further elevate these gender feminists and to further promote them with all the other females as goodness incarnate. It’s so common, the womanly propaganda, that it’s become accepted as true, and our sons are being captured by it’s guilt glue. The creative tissues of their male brains are now virtually in jail.

Truth about Single Motherhood

The facts do not support any idea that women raise children better than men. Stuart Miller and Rich Zubaty in the December 19, 1995, Washington Times stated:

“Eighty-five percent of prisoners, 78 percent of high school dropouts, 82 percent of teenage girls who become pregnant, the majority of drug and alcohol abusers all come from single mother-headed households. Less than 19 percent of any of these categories come from single father-headed households”.2

Worthy food for thought, but the court systems in the US and Canada line up to support women, the gender that is supposed to be so good at nurturing, or at least used to be. Today women have become the “oppressed” ones, when women claim to be hindered and discriminated against like the handicapped, the disabled, the racial minorities and homosexuals. They are bailing out to the woe-and-blue tune of the oppressed, while the eyes of the court reify validation to the spoof, supporting these women’s sin, making reality fit the spin.

Getting market savvy, moms need to review the “inner mother” badly. Is their natural frustration now acute, and motherhood a curse? According to the US National Center for Health Statistics, a child living with his or her divorced mother, as compared with a child living with both parents, is:

Three hundred and seventy-five percent more likely to need professional treatment for emotional or behavioral problems and is almost twice as likely to repeat a grade of school, is more likely to suffer [from] chronic asthma, frequent headaches, and/or bedwetting, develop a stammer or speech defect, suffer from anxiety or depression, and be diagnosed as hyperactive.3

But these afflictions were surprisingly uncommon in the 15 percent of single-parent households headed by men. Miller and Zubaty, using data from the Children’s Rights Coalition, also state that biological mothers are found to physically abuse their children at twice the rate of biological fathers.4

Up to approximately the end of World War I, men used to be given the children when divorce occurred. Was this the right course of action? With data showing that placing children with single- parent mothers is likely to be detrimental to both the children and society, the tradition of placing children with their fathers is exonerated.

Today a feminized society that knows not what it does, or rather, a politically run society that is in basic denial, follows the trend of catering to females because of their votes, and approves transfers of money to them. With the propaganda emitting from their perfumed cloud of female protection and privilege, and with the smoke and mirrors of their innate dissimulation technique, gender feminists hypnotize and hijack both the male desire for procreation and the male urge to save and protect.

As long as the gender feminists are winning the spin thing, then a frenzied, frantic and awful rendezvous is being set up through collective guilt and it’s neurosis. Women as a group may relish men suffering. Many see female gain coming only at male expense. There’s security in a group, any group. But winning against an enemy that doesnt exist is impossible. Most of the feminist propaganda assaults may only show the men how unprincipled many women have become. And then hatred will grow. In the US, 38 percent of men that the court has ordered to pay child support may not have either visitation or custodial rights.5

Children are often abused because of their single-mothers poor choices in men that she brings into her life. Some of them will see the children as competitors for the womans attention. And the level of crisis escalates if the boyfriend-lover deliberately seeks to undermine the children. The physical danger to children living with stepfathers has been documented. Martin Daly and Margo Wilson of McMaster University studied how stepchildren are abused by their surrogate fathers: Such children are sixty to one hundred times more likely to be beaten and eleven times more likely to be killed than children living with their natural parents.6 But Miller and Zubaty say that, “incidences of abuse were almost non-existent in single-father-headed households”.

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