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New Feminism and Academia

Testy and unpredictable, the new feminism has renovated the university of today. A huge victory for the gender feminists as the male professors and university deans have more than accommodated these “oppressed” females.

Some of the males are sincerely affected by the tacts;
Others following the political denial of the times
see all creatures in abstracts.

It will only get worse as the women outnumber the men in the universities. This is a done deal. And as females support anything “female” today many feminist types, a number of them male bunglers, are in large part controlling the educational system. Perhaps they will rewrite all of history.

Female Gender Bias. Evidence of female gender bias is witnessed in politics in the United States of America. In elections, women of the Democratic and Republican parties will never run against each other on the same ballot. To them it is more important to have any women in power, no matter her party affiliation.

Its for the nations future that this skullduggery is believed to be able to bring such wonders, along with ideas like marketing, cheating and painting illusions. It shows the agitation around control that is going to have to be squarely faced. What a scene this propaganda culture is: sirens, cruel postmodern meme-warriors ride roughshod, thinking to get their licks in and, like rock stars, dig the revolt. But they may as well be riding broomsticks. They are as unaccountable as phantom market forces. They may claim unconscious reasons as excuse for their behavior. Humans are reeling under a witches spell and the power of a witches spell — the Great Gender Conspiracy Theory.

Psychology departments today brim with females. It’s she, the psychic, emotive one, in relationships all over the map, looking basically for more sympathy, a misplaced sympathy perhaps, and that unfortunately could become the end in itself; it’s addicting. Psychotherapy may encourage many to blame forces outside their control as responsible for their disturbances within.

Magic, tarot card readers on TV, the Potter books for the kids a rave, as the mystical feminine is disseminated into the young souls. Enchantment, dissimulation, fantasy and faulty facts fixed, made over and dished up as the rational.

Replacing Males. The simply rational itself is now called reason, and then logic as well. Soon the will of the human hammers it into some seductive sales pitch or law. Is justifying the nuking of enemies that difficult? And just what could getting the government off of peoples backs actually do, if not to give people less protection, less security from corporate greed? Mussolini, the leader of the Italian fascist party beginning in the 1920s, held power promising an anti-government government. He was the first of the anti-government political leaders, promising less government in peoples lives. The fascists are corporatists, and enable big businesss profits to grow. Removing governments role must remove peoples participation in democracy as well. So who will keep the corporations in line, if not the government? The Green Party and Ralph Nader point out the insanity of many of our rationally portrayed solutions. But who’s listening?

Can innocent plebs be forgiven if they don’t have a clue?
Is their role to buy and die all that they are asked to do?

Never matter children the name, sorrows showers surround the gratifiers, the shoppers reaching for answers, searching with wry grins. It’s more their thoughts of self-improvement that they really like, thoughts of themselves, featuring them becoming salaciously improved so to speak, and their self-respect going up. Envy is the main motivator.

Envy also leads the conspiracy to take over what is seen as the power positions of men. The gender feminists have taken over the universities without braving any eye-burning mace. They are succeeding at control of the schools and all workplace environments, and soon society may just more or less replace men as gender feminists further win their case.

Boys Lose Out

In reality, boys are in the pits compared to girls in the school system. Twice as many girls as boys are involved in student government, drama, band and orchestra and service clubs. More females intend to go to college, with a tripling of women focusing on higher degrees in less than twenty-five years. More boys cut classes, fail to do homework, have discipline problems, have been suspended and have been in police trouble. And boys drop out of school more often. Boys are more likely to be victims of violence in and out of school, be robbed or be threatened. Almost every syndrome, including alcoholism and drug abuse, hits boys harder.49

Data on suicide during adolescence is also skewed by the gender feminists. The Wellesley Report states that “adolescent girls are four to five times more likely than boys to attempt suicide”. And according to clinical psychologist Mary Pipher, clinics are inundated with girls who try to kill themselves. Pipher says: “The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta reports that the suicide rate among children age ten to fourteen rose 75 percent between 1979 and 1988. Something dramatic is happening to adolescent girls in America, something unnoticed by those not on the front lines”.50

But the Center for Disease Controls suicide statistics about children show that for boys aged ten to fourteen, the suicide rate had increased 71 percent between 1979 and 1988. For girls the increase was just 27 percent! But Mary Pipher says girls are terminating hope and their lives in America. Is an increase in suicides by girls from 48 in 1979 to 61 in 1988, an increase of thirteen out of a population of nine million girls between age ten and fourteen, evidence of a “girl-destroying culture”? On the other hand, the boys suicide numbers go from 103 in 1979 to 176 in 1988, an increase of seventy-three. The fact: five times as many boys as girls killed themselves. This is close to the adult ratio for suicide and gender as well.51

And who cares about the boys anyway…or the real facts? it’s like hearing Immanuel Kant again, this time on the loudspeaker coming from the school principals office: “Nothing of duty, nothing of compulsion, nothing of obligation! Woman is intolerable of all commands, and all morose constraint. They do something only because it pleases them, and the art consists in making only that please them which is good. I hardly believe the fair sex is capable of principles….”52

The gender feminists have been busy trying to socialize boys. Carol Gilligan calls for “a new and healing pedagogy to free boys from an errant masculinity that is endangering civilization”. Society, she claims, needs to free boys from “cultures that value or valorize heroism, honor, war, competition — the culture of the warrior, the economy of capitalism.”53 But a big problem to Gilligan is that in western culture the boys are separated from their moms! She wants to reconstruct boys “imprisoned by masculinity”, and feminize them. Her main fault lies around the fact that she’s visioning a future by ignoring the biological factors that distinguish the genders. Her word glue will emotionally hook many, but she’s speculating without much common sense. Gilligans “buddies” can be found in the departments of education where her propaganda has been disseminated to the school boards, and where they are using it to construct the new learning curves. With 73 percent of teachers being female, the curves demanded by Gilligans ideology are basically in the hands of the gender of curves. As Hoff Sommers says:

“Her ideas were successful in the sense that they inspired activists in organizations such as the AAUW and the Ms. Foundation to go on the red alert in an effort to save the nations drowning and disappearing daughters. But all their activism was based on a false premise: that girls were subdued, neglected, and diminished. In fact, the opposite was true: girls were moving ahead of boys in most of the ways that count. Gilligans powerful myth of the incredible shrinking girl did far more harm than good. It patronized girls, portraying them as victims of the culture. It diverted attention from the academic deficits of boys. It also gave urgency and credibility to a specious self-esteem movement that wasted everybody’s time”.54

Now Gilligan promotes an aggressive re-socialization of boys, a feminization to save them from the patriarchy. Some say boys already express themselves verbally like girls. Just listen to their intonation and speech rhythm, it’s become like the females, they say. But Gilligan must be a control freak. She, too, has got the girls up there and at a distance, idealized and polished in mind. Now she’s going to box in the boys? How square. Have people accepted all the trash about woman’s victimization that the media brainwashes them with? Is anybody listening?

Meanwhile, over and above the propaganda and pathetic claims, all bow and heed the transcendent, all-powerful God Market (GM), the voice of the people reduced to what can be bought or sold, how much, when and where. Shopping perhaps, the body to adorn; searching for all types of improvement, the plebs are out of the way, programmed to pursue anything to stop them from seeing things as they really are.

Effect of Affirmative Action

Are there problems in education for the saintly gender? Females have flooded the university campuses and are the majority there today. The governments Affirmative Action (AA) policy will keep it that way, even though the intent of AA was to get African-American and other minorities some support in the US — rather than the dominant class of white women. Will women identify with anything, to get free rides? Masters degrees at the universities — currently 61 percent of those enrolled in these superior degree programs are females. In the social and psychological sciences, and in the humanities in general, women receive approximately 55 percent of doctoral degrees. At Yale Medical School, in 1996, women were 54 percent of the entering class. Half the law degrees awarded in the US go to women. And at Harvard Law School female enrollment has jumped from 18 percent in 1975 to 42 percent in 1997.55 The trend grows for higher admissions. The proportion of women physicians has tripled in the last twenty-five years, and women have become the majority in pharmacy and veterinary medicine.56

Legal policies snuck in by the feminist camp through Affirmative Action favor women in employment. And so police and fire departments and the military are forced to hire both sexes; they have to meet quotas in spite of the quality of the candidates. The new elite members of the foreign office in Great Britain are predominately women. In the US, 30 percent of senior officials are women.

Portraying the man as a violent low-life really has worked wonders for the feminists, getting money from taxpayers to protect against claimed male furor and the male tearing up of the earth. And men have lost jobs while their image as provider has been demeaned. It’s everyman the gender feminists are after, not just the criminal ones who break laws and commit aggressive assault. No, not just the fringe characters, but men society regards as normal; these men are the focus of the anger of the gender-benders who see women “objectified” and thus soon to be battered. Some say that to people like Gloria Steinem and her group, the task is to “persuade the public that the so-called normal man is a morally defective human being who gets off on hurting women.”57 And women are having tremendous success using this type of assault. They ridicule all men for crimes some criminals commit. By lumping all men into the garbage can as criminals, all males are made to wear the same outfit.

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