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Domestic Violence and Murder in Canada

In Canada, the Vancouver Sun, a newspaper servicing a community and province with two and a half million people, on December 6, 1999, published a front-page story written by two women, stating: “In 1999 Canadian women constituted 98 percent of the victims of spousal violence, kidnapping and sexual assault”. The editor himself, when confronted with this misrepresentation of the truth, was not swayed at first. Maybe men didn’t report many assaults on themselves, he said. But after seeing some seventy studies on domestic violence he began to understand the picture, see the abuse of facts. Otherwise male editors probably want to give women the benefit of the doubt because, after all, it is what they were probably raised to do.

Even at Statistics Canada, it’s found that whoever compiles the data can determine what is seen in the numbers. Much of the statistics are incomplete, based on samples that can’t be taken as representing anything like the true picture. Gender-benders are getting into the research and the data banks, and some numbers are going to have had their face put on. Believe it or suffer the consequences!

“Statistics Canada has not been a reliable source for information in the past. As F.A.C.T. (Fathers Are Capable Too) has stated:Statistics Canada, one of the worlds leaders in producing one-sided gender-specific statistics in their 1993 report on Violence Against Women has been largely panned, criticized throughout the world for their politics over real analysis”.98

After much criticism, however, by 2000 even Statistics Canada produced a 1:1 ratio of violence between the genders. This time they asked both men and women the same questions!99

And the Fathers Canada web page states: Men and Women are Equals in Violence. In Canada, 400 publicly funded shelters exist for battered women, but not one single one has been established to help battered men. “Researchers without a feminist axe to grind have long recognized that about half of domestic violence is a two-way street — with both men and women doing the shoving, pushing, and throwing”.100

Without surveillance, the feminazis are free to get away with info-murder. Imagine, 98 percent of spousal violence being initiated by males! Front-page power — for who? Every young boy who reads this is now not only armed with false-consciousness but also must become somewhat self-hating and self-deprecating. Just as the gender feminists want them? These “tacts” just bring more ammunition to coax money, support, protection and favored status from society at large. Maybe milking the cash cow of woman’s victimhood should be a degree program at university? Or is it already? Check out some woman’s studies programs! That our western society fails to apply characterizations of women as evil, as criminal, as violent — like it does for the men — is an area where inequality is rampant.

According to Statistics Canada, 8,389 men and 4,475 women were victims of homicide between 1978 and 1997. The 1998 Canadian Crime Statistics showed that: for every female victim of an attempt/conspire to murder there were 2.7 male victims. For every female victim of aggravated assault there were 3.7 male victims. For every female assault with a weapon causing bodily harm there were two male victims. For every female victim of discharge of a firearm with intent there were 3.4 male victims.101 Even from these statistics it’s obvious that women, far from being the victimized gender, are actually avoiding a great deal of the violence in Canadian society.

Female Violence

In a letter to his union newspaper, Keith Harris writes in response to “discriminatory lies” and this official scapegoating and marginalization of men in the media. Here Harris reports that: “the majority of homicides of children under the age of one year are committed by their mothers; that mothers kill more male children than female children; that siblings of both sexes kill their brothers more often than their sisters”. And in British Columbia where Harris lives, he reports that the 125 workers killed on the job in 1998 were all men!102

In the US, Harris points out that the FBI Uniform Crime Report on Murder and Non-negligent Manslaughter in 1998 reveals 3.1 male victims for every female victim of murder, and that females perpetrated homicide at a rate of 3.3 male victims for every female victim.

Next, in his letter to the newspaper, Harris offers some reality therapy. The “sugar-and-spice” gender, these so-called nurturers, do possess a mean streak, relatively unknown to the public. Harris printed some woman’s names who our society does not want to recall: Susan Eubanks, 1999, stalked and murdered her four sons by shooting them in the head. Aileen Wuornos, 1992, stalked, shot and killed seven men — all strangers. Dorthea Puente, 1990, murdered eight men and women in her boarding house. Gwen Graham and Cathy Wood, 1988, suffocated six patients. Marybeth Tining, 1987, suffocated nine of her children. Velma Barfield, 1987, was executed for poisoning five people. Carol Bunday, 1980, shot and killed seven women and a man, whose head she sawed off with a boning knife. Delfine and Maria Gonzales, 1964, murdered eighty women and eleven men.

And on the list goes, way back: Susanna Fazekas, 1929, involved in the murder of as many as 200 hundred men and women. Amy Archer-Gilligan, 1916, murdered forty-eight people. Belle Guinness, 1908, murdered sixty-seven people. Then leaping centuries back to around 1615 reveals the mass-murdering celebrity of the fragile gender, Countess Elisabeth Bathory, who beat, tortured and bled to death some 650 women.103

The media tend to jump all over the news about a man murdering a woman. The respected image bestowed on women in our present society, and our dedication to woman’s protection, can inhibit focus on female dysfunction. But men are fair game. Husbands who become victims when their wives kill their children, like Rusty Yates (five dead children) and David Smith (two dead children), what sympathy is their for them? David Smith found out the unbelievable truth on the television! The police had not even told him. And many seem bent, against all evidence, to finger Rusty Yates as the cause of the murder of his children. For murders within the family, 54.5 percent of victims (including children) are male.104

According to Behind Closed Doors: Violence in American Families (Straus, Gelles and Steinmetz, 1980), out of every 100 families, 3.8 percent experience severe husband-to-wife violence, but 4.5 percent experience severe wife-to-husband violence.105 In Canada, the Canadian Journal of Sociology (1988) reports that the rate of severe husband-to-wife violence was 4.8 percent, while severe wife-to-husband violence was 10 percent. To some researchers the most unreported crime is not wife-beating — it’s husband-beating.106

The US Congress is to spend billions in it’s crime bills to combat violence against women. Most of the money will go to advocacy groups, to sensitivity training, to educational programs for everyone from judges to school children and to shelters and publications. The issue of domestic violence is a political football, used to keep the female voter onside, while more serious study and comprehension are ignored. Politicians again mouth the words, and the female responds to those who will give them protection, status and money.

So women are courted through scare tactics and
false facts,
While politicians get elected as this confusion distracts,
But misrepresentation is being loaded onto
women’s backs.

Over and Out

Guys are being pushed out of reach. Through advocacy research and lies, and through government courting of the authority-accepting female, the nation will be made weaker and less intent on bringing out it’s competitive excellence, genius and inspired insight. This could effectively kill the impetus for those who would take issue, stand up and fight the perpetuation of the false, politically correct consciousness and official versions, those who would persist in hounding the criminals till they are run right out of sight.

But the real news about a mans changing role in society is shocking. Lionel Tiger in the The Decline of Males states: “In 1955, in some 60 percent of American families, Dad worked, Mom stayed at home, and there were two to three children. Thirty-one years later barely 4 percent of families boast this form”.107

The False-consciousness of Pipher and Giligan

Mary Pipher, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, drives girls crazy cramming the false-consciousness down their throats. She is so far out there, hallucinating about a land scarred by permanent warfare against females. In her book Reviving Ophelia, 1994, she followed up on Carol Gilligans scare tactics, and she has used fear to market her writing.

Her claims made one wonder Mary Pipher,
The living truth can she decipher?

How can she equate females with the disabled or the “slave” minorities — with all those possessing todays criteria for Affirmative Action jobs and money? But this professional psychologist has marketed a hyena rage and spread hate memes. What did the Nazis tell their people about the Jews? And Pipher, where did she get her information that she uses to brainwash society? She spreads the false-consciousness and promotes the persecution of males — thats the gist of her drama, the results of the spin.


Why do so many girls hate their parents? Many are the victims of sexual violence … Girls are less protected …Girls today are much more oppressed … I was struck by what a girl-poisoning culture it is … America today limits girls development, truncates their wholeness and leaves many of them traumatized … Hillary Clinton, Tipper Gore, Janet Reno and many others are sounding the alarm…Adolescence is when girls experience social pressure to put aside their authentic selves … adolescent girls are saplings in a hurricane … Girls are expected to distance from parents just at a time when they most need their support … American culture has always smacked girls on the head in early adolescence …
Simone de Beauvoir believed adolescence is when girls realize that men have the power, and that their only power comes from consenting to become submissive adored objects. They do not suffer from the penis envy Freud postulated, but from power envy…
Guys would grab me in the halls… Later I got used to it…

A health department study showed that 40 percent of all girls in my midwestern city considered suicide last year

It was impossible to score [on a test] as both a healthy adult and a healthy woman…
Girls who speak frankly are labelled as bitches…The rules are enforced by the labelling of a woman like Hillary Rodham Clinton as a ‘bitch’ simply because she’s a competent, healthy adult… Girls come of age in a misogynistic culture…they make less money baby sitting than their brothers do mowing lawns…108

So this Mary is a raver too, throwing flaming hate-memes and bags of the tact glue.

Anti-male Media Propaganda. It’s war and propaganda against the man. Well, what is a victim left to do when their true selves are under attack? When: everywhere girls are encouraged to sacrifice their true selves in a culture that is all too happy to use them for it’s purposes. But it’s Pipher who is doing the victimization of the girls through her lies and emotionally-charged accusations against the male.

She isn’t really worthy of a doctoral degree because
she is sinking so low,
Mixing fact and fiction to give the men a licking,
Thinking to give all of America a knockout blow.

“America today is a girl-destroying place”, so says Mary Pipher, Ph.D., as the scholarly community now neurotically — (Yes! it’s more insurance for to grow the blackness the future is sure to bring.) — must duck out, somehow from her work, trying to save some face. Most just keep quiet. Professors tell the truth? Power privileges female aspiration, and the academic staff fall in line. Many teaching brains working in universities must feel like cowards. But there are others who must also be appalled, observing how the feminist spin “tacts” encourage so many to settle-in, and sink in the poisonous tact-ful muck like pigs in mud. Real knowledge decreases with their politically correct silence.

Its so unprofessional, this Pipher-type research. When Faludi and Wolf and the rest wrote of the backlash, they contended that the patriarchy-controlled media itself printed lies and broadcasted misinformation to stop feminist liberation. The media was identified as the problem, and the gender feminists set about screaming loudly to get attention. It has worked, and the media is now their acolyte and pimps their “tacts”.

The gender feminists have assimilated behavior they say they hate — media control of “tacts” — and have proven themselves very adept at the subterfuge of truth. Pipher has a large, willingly victim-oriented and victim-educated audience, and she is filling their boots with postmodern sadomasochism, as crisis is created, but the facts, ma’am, aren’t really there.

Pipher and Gilligan want to assume society is unsympathetic to women, and to feed their psych-out victimization claims to women looking for something or someone to blame for their personal predicaments.

The church found a devil to blame,
Gender feminists have the men to shame.

The Plight That Does Not Exist. Gilligan and Pipher may get on the lecture circuit, sell books and become important today. No doubt the judges of the future will have even more to say and will take no mercy in exposing their aggressive, hurtful agendas. For example, Gilligan is doing more of this “research” about the development of girls and how they are drowning in the sea of western culture. But she lumps the girls in with people of color, gays and lesbians, the poor and the disabled. Although American culture is where girls are the most outspoken, to Gilligan, it is in America that girls are silenced.

A lot of research contrary to Gilligans is available. Material that shows no evidence of loss of voice in girls. Perhaps Gilligan is only a developer of pathological science, the science of things that arent. Her work has convinced many educators of a plight suffered by girls alone, a plight that does not exist.

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