Operation Gender War Excerpts

Why is it popular for many females to cast males as evil? Are we? And what has caused them to have this judgement? Is the world suffering from an overdose of testosterone, as Sinead O’Connor claims? Are men redundant and nuisances, as Germaine Greer says? Referring to women’s demand for equality and “all the privileges pertaining to the estate of the human being”, hadn’t Simon de Beauvoir claimed that “by and large we have won the game.” In 1952! That’s when her book, The Second Sex, was published and when she claimed women’s victory. 1 viii [Introduction]


Everything is flying around in chaos – with the media lying, sales-people spinning, films fantasizing, politicians seducing. So trying for authenticity is beyond many people’s capacity. The business of earning a living doesn’t allow all the time needed to clear the smokescreens, get at the truth, and to hold the phoneys up to justice. Thus, in a form of self-defense, the female inclination to subjectivity, towards paying attention to the interior, personal and feelings centered details in contrast to focus on the exterior details of society’s management, control and direction has now become the worldview of the moderns. It’s a form of escape from facing up to the reality that the ‘enduring truths’ about America are, in fact, fiction, propaganda. It leaves the search for objective truth behind.

Just as the nineteenth-century woman subordinated theology to sentimental literature, then debased rules and laws in favor of a feelings approach to life, today a world has arisen, one that highly values psychic relationships between “individuals,” relationships that occur in the present or within a short period of some part of a lifetime. History is dying – everything happens at or near the subjective now. p132 [Chp. Spice & Rodham]


The gender feminist believes that the average man is a potential batterer. To gender warriors like Gloria Steinem, it is a sales job, this snow job, this characterization of men as idiots, buffoons, mental cases that live to beat and batter girls, women. Steinem, founder of Ms. Magazine, is at war. Her strategy is to disseminate rhetorical shock tactics (memes), to confuse, overpower and humiliate adversaries. The gender feminists are committed to the doctrine that the vast majority of batterers or rapists are not fringe characters but men whom society regards as normal – sports fans, career employees, former fraternity brothers, pillars of the community. For these normal men, it’s said, women are not so much persons as objects. In the gender feminist view, once a woman is objectified she is therefore no longer human, thence battering is simply the next logical step. Of course the guys are rapists, brutes….

…Feminist activists have a large stake in exaggerating battery and abuse, and they have virtually no conscience in doing so. The plight of the fair sex is the subject area where the spin-as-facts “tacts” – statistics and studies on provocative issues like rape, battery, wage differences, eating disorders – promote women as victims of the oppressive patriarchal system. Their facts may not be true at all, but the gender feminists use this “activist research” for recruiting. They say men are a physical menace to women. End of story. That’s the agenda and feminist norm!

Gloria Steinem, long time spinster, in 1992 published Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem, which says patriarchy requires violence and “the most dangerous situation for a woman is not an unknown man in the street, or even the enemy in wartime, but a husband or lover in the isolation of their own home.” p329 [Chp. Lash]


Men don’t defend their sexuality. They’ve been made guilty; they just take abuse. Ridiculing men and their sexuality as dangerous to society gives the females unopposed grounds upon which to build their version of the female alternative to their spun perversion of males. … The evidence shows false claims of sexual abuse and assault are so high that these claims are unprincipled attacks on men, used to gain rewards – money, child custody – and to punish men. Whether they did anything or not! Our society is letting men take the rap, even if they are innocent.

A study of male sexual offenders found that 30 percent had themselves been sexually abused as children. Of these, 78 percent had been abused by a woman.89

Shocking. But can our society cope with this and other information that doesn’t bolster the consensus image of women as caring, innocent victims?

Nearly 60 percent of convicted rapists were sexually abused as children by women. p358 [Chp. Lash] 90


Feminism provides a front, a cover, for the tooth-and-claw, bottom-line disdain for others found in our society. And rationality is so conditioned into us and so overused that reason itself has been perverted. Reason today is actually destroying our emotional, intuitive and common sense response to the world. So the collective focus of many feminists, the focus on humanitarian values, has limited audiences and can only go so far.

Citizens are being raised and nurtured on subjective experience and are taught to derive their sense of power from immediate personal relationships. But the elite class thrive on execution of objective strategy and acquire their power through their growing world economic domination. The elite of America prefer the masses they have under their control to be subjective, and they foster their control through the media. People are being trained and told not to hold opinions about the external world because it is all going to happen “out there” with or without them anyway. Today a subjective individual is featured wrapped up in “personal” relationships, and here people’s opinions are like rights!

Feminists brought down the highest values of Calvinism in the 19th century, and replaced them with an anti-intellectual sentimentalism. Their dissimulation behind a sentimental illusion would hide the class struggle in America. And this served capitalism. Psychological norms have been replacing religious norms ever since, meaning people are increasingly taught to focus more on what they should feel, not on what they should do. iv [Introduction]


Men, your mommies and school teachers, even movies and paper-back novels, have set you up for all this female-sympathy glue, and so you might be thinking weird, deranged things regarding love and marriage. For many men the dressed-up lie that they conquered and married is going to turn, and with a vengeance she will demand just what they should do in, as Nietzsche put it, the “long stupidity” of marriage….

….Men are threatened with both productive and reproductive oblivion.” 5 Because they can’t be productive, earn a good living, they are unable to find a mate to reproduce with. The number of guys in this boat doubled in the ten years between 1985-1995. p289 [Chp. 21st Century Foxed]


Soon thereafter Bill Clinton began making the news, first as a presidential contender, then as a sexual disaster area. But even before his election, beginning even before Gennifer Flowers, the “bimbo eruptions” tracked this Bill Clinton’s trail. Clinton’s problems only helped Faludi’s case against the shortcomings of a society she saw as supporting male privilege.

Clinton, the Big Kahuna, Mr. Large, was a Federal Reserve Bank connection for his favorite free-loading feminist-flunkey sponges. Faludi and rage-feminism lucked out with Bill Clinton. Here was a guy obsessed with women, a slave to his attraction, with sex scandals flushing out all about. Here the gender feminists had a male to ridicule. So in general, the reactive female camp did well with this Bill. Without their support he would lose his job. They had him in a testosterone basket. So the elitist feminazis types, the grudge-bearing bunch, began to try to take over America! And up front and center, soon they are going to produce the next president of the United States, they think. Why it’s going to be none other than Bill Clinton’s cuckolded wife, Hillary, the super-victim! p317 [Chp. Lash]


Dark forces are feared and reason is upheld as their protector. Because of fear of uncertainty, and because uncertainty is non-rational, the use of reason to find security, answers, is embraced. So fear motivates the exclusive use of reason with its isolating and self-interested characteristics. Then when looking for personal reward, reason becomes connected to function. That is logical. But everything that works is not necessarily good. Everything that could work to make one’s life an individual success in a competitive society couldn’t be allowed. On its own, practical reason can leave people alone and frustrated. Value, ethics and humanism, if left out and not incorporated into reason, will strand society in a wasteland of inhospitable and deadly competition, each person alive only unto herself.

Same with nations that live on “rational ideology.” Belief in market economics ideology is based on pure reason, a reason that doesn’t have to get its hands dirty in the real world ….

…Are these women today overreaching, trading their natural emotional wisdom, intuition and common sense for some mental constipation? What they want, and what they need, isn’t going to be satisfied by today’s “reason” alone…. p29 [Chp. Zoo Glue]


Hillary, like Peggy Sue, got married. Marriage was her choice first and foremost, and she delayed her law degree and her graduation to follow her husband around. She had the right stuff for her own professional career. A sturdy mid-westerner of high intelligence, strong will and ambition – she had wanted to be an astronaut at age fourteen. But she threw herself into the role of the subservient wife. Did she think she was in love, or that she had to tone down her individual ego? The pose for competitiveness isn’t usually like the attitude that generally invites an intimate marriage contract.

Snidely known at Wellesley as “Sister Frigidaire,” because of her platonic opposite-sex relationships, she yielded to her man’s career path. And her later defense of his philandering drives home an aspect of her personality not to be ignored. Whether it’s masochism or defending her meal-ticket, it’s off-balance, showing lack of any principles other than personal chauvinism. Gennifer Flower’s, who had a twelve-year extra-marital affair with Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, was reported saying Hillary has been with more women sexually than even this Bill Clinton! So who is dysfunctional here? p107 [Chp. Spice & Rodham]


End the Gender War

The female gender has moved location, in hope to repair the collective’s body and soul, and its consciousness. The World Wars’ damage is deep. “She’s” become responsible for the external, or partly so, even though she may not be best suited for the outside world of politics and the external sciences of structure and control. The distance women have brought into their marriages was originally for more freedom to influence the healing of society. Women wanted room to expand their compassionate influence on all of society. Unfortunately, many angry and self-interested women have gobbled up the extra room and called it their liberation from men. And thus the hope of marriage programs making a comeback is crashing. p383 [Chp. Purposeful Incarnation]


Madonna’s phallus girls and their phallus mom were obviously not going to make much of a dent in the patriarchy. They were integral to its working. Their aspirations were to be equal or better than the males in the game; this was how they had been trained. They had bought into the divide-and-rule propaganda pabulum served up in an elementary education, paid for with public monies. They wanted only power, for many reasons, some noble-sounding like freedom of self-expression, Emersonian self-reliance and personal responsibility. But their competitiveness served state-run corporate machinery established years ago. p262 [Chp. Mad Donnna]


So the maturing young girls see all about them liars and swindlers and zero accountability. It’s a game they see, life in this society, and the winner can choose to exercise power over those who lose.

But power for many women is involved even in the minutest of circumstance. In relationships there can be an adversary where power, hers, is usually seen as in jeopardy. Her cosmetics and paint are cover-ups that may allow human pretense to attract and vanquish “her” patsies and marks. As in politics, life can become a dress-up spin world for those raised on the robbery. Life then gets seen by many as simply corrupt, and in kicks the insurance, but it is unfortunately now the motivator. And this allows domination, because neurosis, the insurance, is constriction. p181 [Chp. Freedom to be Confused]


Well, the gender feminists are right about a conspiracy to cripple a gender, but their perception is self-deceptive. Maybe their labeling of a gender war against themselves as unjustified and immoral is the result of anger from neurotic guilt, the guilt of those who have falsely, but knowingly, portrayed a merciless campaign as being against women. Because what is going on is a lambasting of men by those who seek female-gender power and privilege….

….Many in the media may be victims of the people they publish. It seems the lies and spin of many feminist wagers of the gender war are the only “reasoning of the facts” that most editors have understood. p320 [Chp. Lash]


Some of the press chased Diana because she was part of the process that controls nations. Trying to catch rich bloody liars is tremendously difficult because their professional staffs find the leaks, plug the cracks and maintain illusions. So when a fault appears and the ground begins to move, the press race to watch. Diana dumped the royals but wanted to be one. She mixed with the elite, slept with them, and used the press to promote herself. Diana had a history before her marriage of emotional and psychological problems. Her affairs with her lovers began before Charles returned to his liaison with the older woman, Camilla. And Diana called Charles a terrible father, something which does not seem true. As a star celebrity she tried to lose what her brother called her “deep feelings of inadequacy.” p271 [Chp. Mistaken Identity]


Worship of Women

The worship of women has been a foundation of western society like a sea bottom, and an ocean of emotion has been poured over this worship….

….The worship of woman is the keystone prop of western society. But the direction of attention into the worship of women is the miscue that has facilitated losses in both gender camps, since women and men have been forced to surrender precisely that which western society always makes such a fuss about – their individuality.

Meaning their personal understanding of the “other” is gone, replaced by impersonal, idealized stereotypes….

….Worshiping women set the stage for the gender wars that are so messy and so full of innocent disillusionment. p386 [Chp. The Bomb]


History of Thought on Female Instincts

The cunning of the gender feminists is nothing new. Male Philosophers and thinkers throughout history have commented on the instinct in women. Arthur Schopenhauer and Immanual Kant, top thinkers of their time, cautioned about the deceptive nature of women. p321 [Chp. Lash]


[What they said. Plus: Plato, Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine, Hegel, Rosseau, Freud, Neitzsche, Carl Jung and more.]


The Rise of Authoritarian Women

While Arden’s cosmetic crusade swept America, in Europe D.H. Lawrence was heard storming around, contending about women being “on the move,” predicting a coming persecution of men. The “dynamic polarity” between the sexes, according to Lawrence, had swung around and men were becoming feminized, assuming sympathetic-sensitive roles, while women became active, effective, authoritative…. p77 [Chp. Estrus Ardent]


The great aspect of the mind is finality. Once the mind believes it understands it goes to “lock-on,” and that is the end of it. Beliefs rule! The mind uses reasoning, and then it reacts to opposition to its conclusions. This is the fact that is killing – a ready victim is the mind of today. Must critical thinking be so defensively adept to forge forward? The shrinking self-doubt and over-analysis brought on in the engaged minds of today is duck soup to the longhairs dissembling their emotional-manipulative dis-information discourses.

The mind is fed as if it were like the female of today, she asking for all the instruction, then becoming a site of victim-hood! The torque of the rational option as it hits into the new millennium is insidious masochism, an abrupt halting of action, and the pause to consider opinion before having an opinion. As the moderns pause, the longhairs create reality, the consensus, disseminate the news, and tell the people what they should think. The people think they hear what the majority think and drop the subject. They have been trained to be rational, and the pause comes almost naturally.

Everyone is a victim of this type of progress – disheveled, ripped through the shredder of the psych-out. Noam Chomsky says propaganda is to democracy what terror is to totalitarianism. p189 [Chp. Freedom to be Confused]


Being with their fathers has proved to help children manage their emotions, develop intelligence and attain better grades in school. These children are socially better adapted and have better relationships with the parent they aren’t living with than the children who live only with their biological mothers. p359 [Chp. Lash]


Women hire specialists, hit men just like furnace men, plumbing men, electrical men, all working to keep her needs in tune, even when it’s the removal of her “goon.” But to be searching for his penis thrown out in the road… this a possible punishment for males not educated about the amount of female murder and assault – this comes from ignorance! Getting hitched is the entrance fee into this mode.

Eight-inch carving knife and the unsatisfied Bobbit merge. Slashed while sleeping! He has been tortured indeed, but while he is in stitches, our courts the female have here acquitted.

The 41 percent of spousal murders females are here found guilty of – well, they don’t include: a successful poisoning that’s been classified as a stroke or something else (and poisoning is the female’s preferred murder method); nor does it count third-party hired killers or boyfriends persuaded to murder. (This type isn’t documented as a woman killing an intimate, but is instead classified as a third-party killing.) Thus the number – 41 percent – could be a lie. It’s probably higher. Go figure, but get a grip!

Sleep on man, at your own peril. p311 [Chp. The Male 'Click' Experience]


Rape serves the gender feminists because it gets sympathy and support for females. By fudging the numbers through their unaccountable advocacy research, a huge political victory is won by these self-interested enemies of men. Many gender feminists seem to carry utopian visions of sexual relations, where there is sex without power, sex without persuasion and sex without pursuit. This is unrealistic, but “reality” is not their interest. Power is, and it seems there are no rules in their pursuit of power.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that up to half of all rape allegations are untrue. p335-336 [Chp. Lash]


There are more females in university than males today, and females have more sports teams in these universities than males. In all the media, the law courts, the schools and the universities I found men’s needs are either ignored or debased. Even their families and homes are being lost, taken away. Studies show that one-third or more of all children born in America today are not cared for within a marriage. In African American communities the rate of unmarried moms can be over 60 percent. Single moms could soon be the group controlling the majority of the children. viii [Introduction]


So all you western feminized guys, are you now alerted and with chagrin making moves to protect yourselves from this scathing rebuke and insult?

….Most of you have been raised by females. The first seven years always mold the person, and elementary teachers have always been mainly female, and thus feminism has flushed all around our western society for over 200 years.


It’s becoming ever more clear, ever more certain that the best bet for the future is for ignorance. The culture of ignorance suits this information age. Just as good attracts evil, happiness is balanced by sadness, or peace is contrasted by war, so insight is muddied by false information. Ignorance can lead to blind belief and to prejudice.

North American society is in the cultural grip of feminization. It has been for over 200 hundred years. It is a feminized society. All the while, all the noise claims the opposite! Virtually no one even thinks this through.

Most accept various accounts of women’s liberation as a progressive and recent event. It isn’t at all recent. The hegemony over the culture that has been garnered by the feminine ethos in the past two centuries has both served the elite capitalists and sacrificed the male population. p299