Read ‘Operation: Gender War’

Operation: Gender War is a review of today’s society. It involves history, evaluates sociological forces and mixes in biography and even fiction. The result – a wham-bam instant “gotcha” capture of the major forces and players running the program we call society. And it accomplishes it by engaging today’s gender war in a shake-out, looking for the bottom line and a means to move on.

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Read Chapter 24 – Lash

Contents of Chapter 24

  1. Truth about Single Motherhood
  2. dropouts
  3. prisoners
  4. drugs
  5. pregnancy
  6. depression
  7. hyperactivity
  8. History of Thought on female Instincts
  9. Spin Salon
  10. domestic violence
  11. super bowl
  12. rule of thumb
  13. anorexia
  14. battery of pregnant women
  15. rape by numbers
  16. female “click” experience
  17. revisionist history
  18. self-esteem propaganda
  19. new feminism and academia
  20. boys lose out
  21. Domestic Violence Again
  22. domestic violence and murder in Canada
  23. Social Consequences of Single Motherhood
  24. children, and: false allegations about fathers, government as caretaker, women’s reproductive freedom, sexual abuse, physical abuse, self-esteem, mental illness, attention deficit, drug use, drop outs, child support, elementary school, college, intelligence, victimhood, runaways, custody, crime, neglect.
  25. Female Violence
  26. towards children
  27. mass murders
  28. murders of husbands and partners

*quiz: From the moment of birth, how many years longer can an American female expect to live than an American male?

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