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This Information Age is full of newspeak-tacts,
Tactical lies spread as facts.
These lies grow and spread,
Affect social interaction and what is said,
They deny much satisfaction that could exist,
If only the spin doctors, propaganda would desist.
The males take a great thumping
From all the gender feminist dumping,
Hitlers provocative propaganda was read:
Its lies brought death by those who were led.
Did believing ears
Wipe away fears
To be politically correct, thought right,
Carrying out vile persecutions, as though

Whats really in the present economy, the one the media often exults as magnificent, robust? This economy and it’s teeming stock prices is leading what is called the Information Age. While the average Joe and Jill make less in real dollars in 2004 than they did in 1973, the “facts” blink otherwise in the “free” press and much of the media.

But like Homer and Bart in The Simpsons – who can get a handle on all the destructive spins ripping in the wind? Homer is lazy, incompetent, and Bart, his son, is doomed to failure at school. They are modern, dysfunctional dumb-assed males, and devoid of high-level creativity or intellectual pursuits. In The Simpsons, it’s mother and daughter that get special treatment, and it’s the daughter, Lisa, alone, who surely has hope for a sunny future. And Homer? He is a borderline drug addict, which means he is handicapped from the start. Aren’t this father and son just like the modern men vilified in the mainstream media in America every day? It’s everywhere.

Any man who stood up to the spin about the economic numbers presented as truth would be politically incorrect. Political correctness is in part the result of female paranoia about the truth being told rather than feelings being protected. Now females serve under market capitalism and it’s capitalist governments, many of them buying right into the phoney numbers – after all, they’ve had little experience running the show. They support government and corporations instinctively, because that’s where they think the power is. And they are buying into ideology about equality and into information that paints men as self-destructive goofs and annoying boneheads – men who they learn to call acute brutalizers and bullies.

Attack of the Gender Feminists

So much has been written and produced on the American campaign trail by anti-male gender feminists that the growing-up Lisa’s of America are so rad brainwashed about men, so coerced into the sisterhood that they support anything female. With so much nodding approval of any feminist stance, young women could be todays somnambulists, programmed to OK any feminist rant. A psycho-socio-pathology is thus to be expected. Sickness in both sexes often equates these days to a sexless sickness. It pervades, and the boys are being set up. Will they have to cop out, deny their testosterone-based leadership and then admit to corruption?

As the hard drives purr he’s sinking through the guilt
Like a cat stretching on a quilt,
And the nation, he thinks, will benefit in mysterious ways.
Meanwhile Ms. America is scheming
As the males are flick-dreaming.

On the internet sexual images reap the highest business profit. And half the revenue for hotel pay-per-view movies in the United States is earned from “adult entertainment”.1

The bottom is fast approaching for this soap opera as boys consider going into denial in order to be seen as worthy of a girl’s love (sex). The picture solutions almost work but can’t replace a real female, and if guilt arises from addiction to quick fixes, then bad attitude will only serve to bring on neurotic insurance, cynicism. The pictures become prisons for the alienated and the angry.

The ubiquitous indulgence of the male gaze without organic contact and reassurances from humans in the flesh puts a zone resembling sleep around so many, and allows the agendas of those that are more alert to persevere. And trapping any beauty, habitually using beauty to blot the pain, the ugly and mundane parts of life, will in time make the mind insensitive. Social programs and social responsibility aren’t foremost in souls always showered in sexual images, satisfied to some degree but lacking human touch. There is frustration, anger and confusion all around the guys. They are hostages all right, to their sexual addictions and their desire for beauty, but also to the gender feminists.

The gender feminists have risen in the ranks, and politicians feed funds to help these “oppressed” gender whiners in exchange for their scheduled delivery of votes. Well, these man-haters now control universities, school boards and city councils. They have taken control it seems, almost everywhere. It’s obnoxious and it’s repugnant, and most of the older men are missing in action. Are they sleeping? Their sons are rebuked, whereas he himself is vilified. And now many a husband has become afraid to confront his wife. She has got hold of him, and he’s been driving her to new and various destinations (malls) for as long as he can remember. He’s got to keep the waves smooth; she’s the boss and hostility means his orgasm and emotional life could be turned into horror, it could be lost. He thinks he could lose.

Today the boys are getting weird views of themselves, and with just a few more decades of female deprecation, the little boys will dance for the male-bashing misandrists in circles, like cute Harry Potter elves.

Because we were told that we are in this Information Age, we believed the polls and studies that got our attention through the media pimps and dealers. But there is now a substantial history of false information, particularly studies and polls from feminist-affiliated bodies. Here information promotes lies as truth, “tacts” – here information disguises a biased study, poll or research method. Many research studies have the names of universities or established media behind them. But they are better called what they are – advocacy research – that is, facts gathered to make slanted or partisan conclusions believable.

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